Blog Recap 2017

I started this blog in February 2017 after retiring in December 2016. Below is a summary of my 2017 posts here on “The Switchel Philosopher” blog:

Posts to introduce the blog:

Early in the year I visited the Vermont Legislature and blogged about a few things:

My first post on this blog (“Welcome to the Switchel Philosopher”) was on 2/08/17. I was approached on 2/13/17 about running for selectboard in my town of Cambridge, Vermont. I had not previously considered that. I thought about it, decided on 2/21/17 to run, and was elected at town meeting on 3/07/17:

Being involved in local government has given me a few things to blog about! These two posts set the stage:

As a result of lively discussions at town meeting, the selectboard created a Community Engagement Team which I wrote several posts about:

I blogged about a few of the many subjects that I encountered in local government:

I discussed how I think about the categories of public life:

My sister Beth and I did presentations for the Cambridge and Westford Historical Societies about the Cloverdale neighborhood, based on a book that our father and a cousin had written. This was a fascinating exercise:

Another presentation I did was for Leadership Lamoille about nonprofit organizations:

A couple of posts attempted humor:

And finally I wrote miscellaneous posts on various topics that I found interesting, including thoughts about my career in the Farm Credit System:

I write on two blogs. This blog, The Switchel Philosopher, is for adventures in the world of ideas. My other blog, The Switchel Traveler, is for adventures in the physical world. See my About page for more information about switchel, me, my two blogs, and my blogging history.

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