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Act 46 and Democracy

What does Act 46 mean for democracy? Before considering that general question, let’s review a more specific question: What happened with Act 46 in Cambridge? The short answer is that the town lost control of its elementary school. The photo … Continue reading

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Science vs. Philosophy

What is the difference between science and philosophy? My last two posts (here and here) touched on themes involving both science and philosophy. And that got me thinking about the relationship between science and philosophy. I don’t hold myself out … Continue reading

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Complementarity and Civility

Niels Bohr was one of the most important physicists of the 20th century, a peer of Albert Einstein. In the previous post, I used Michael Frayn’s play Copenhagen to introduce Bohr and his contribution to quantum theory – the principle … Continue reading

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Copenhagen – the play

Copenhagen by Michael Frayn is a fascinating play about uncertainty, complementarity, friendship, morality, and the atomic bomb. Most of these themes are familiar words, but what the heck is complementarity? Copenhagen is based on an historical event, a meeting in … Continue reading

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Responses from Lucy and Zac

In my previous post (Questions for Zac and Lucy), I posed questions for Zac Mayo and Lucy Rogers, candidates for the Vermont House of Representatives representing my town of Cambridge and the neighboring town of Waterville. Please see that post … Continue reading

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Questions for Zac and Lucy

The library in my town of Cambridge, the Varnum Library, hosted a Candidates Forum last night for Zac Mayo and Lucy Rogers who are running for an open seat in the Vermont House of Representatives, representing Cambridge and the neighboring … Continue reading

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Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Through the power of his words, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn helped change the world. He wrote about Russia, the country in which he was born and where he died. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature. His writings helped bring about the … Continue reading

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