Why I Am Supporting Rebecca Pitre

See my earlier post Supporting Rebecca Pitre.

This post is to further explain to my friends and fellow citizens why I am supporting her.

I spent yesterday morning at the Cambridge transfer station with Rebecca and her campaign for Vermont State Representative. It was her first time back at the transfer station since the incident on August 27th. Many people stopped by her table to say that they support her candidacy, and that they are glad she has returned to campaign at the transfer station.

I met a man from Fletcher who moved to Vermont in 2019. Being from Fletcher, he can’t vote for Rebecca, but he has been watching this election. We visited a long time. He seemed intelligent and reasonable, with considerable life experience about people. His observation was that some people are suffering from “Pitre Derangement Syndrome.” Oh my, I had to laugh!

That phrase brings to mind Donald Trump, of course, because of this reference. And, sure enough, I recall that there was a recent letter to the editor in the News & Citizen that likened Rebecca Pitre to Donald Trump. If people are voting against Rebecca because they think she is like Donald Trump, they are deeply misinformed. I have gotten to know Rebecca over the last five months, and I can assure you that she is nothing like Donald Trump.

As I wrote in Supporting Rebecca Pitre:

I find that Rebecca brings common sense, compassion, wisdom, and perspective born of life experience to whatever she does. She is a good listener and a good thinker. She will be a valuable and effective representative in Montpelier for the people of Waterville and Cambridge.

I will add that I find Rebecca to be curious, courageous, and caring. She cares deeply about issues that affect local residents. For example, see her recent posts in Front Porch Forum about the opioid crisis (10/26) and energy issues (10/28). See Rebecca Pitre’s website where she has been posting about local issues since she announced her candidacy in May, most recently about the housing crisis.

To my fellow citizens in Cambridge and Waterville:

Go ahead and vote for the Democratic candidate if you wish. That is your right, and Lucy Boyden is a good person. For myself, I believe that the Democratic Party in Vermont has too much power, and that they use that power to pursue bad policies. Just one example is the Global Warming Solutions Act which the legislature enacted over the governor’s veto, as I wrote about in Front Porch Forum on 10/20.

I am voting for the Republican/Libertarian candidate, Rebecca Pitre.

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  3. Sharon Allaire. says:

    Great decision! Thanks for writing!


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