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Quilt square by Anne Standish

Anne Standish of Cambridge has contributed a beautiful quilt square on behalf of the town to the Vermont League of Cities and Towns for their Local Government Quilt Project: VLCT launched its Local Government Quilt Project in 2005 to celebrate … Continue reading

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Acadia vs. Arcadia

Over on “George’s Other Blog” I recently wrote about a trip to Schoodic Peninsula on the coast of Maine, part of Acadia National Park. This leads to a question: what is the difference between “Acadia” and “Arcadia”? The short answer … Continue reading

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From the Berggruen Institute to Switchel

The weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal for February 11-12 has an interesting article: Philanthropist Nicolas Berggruen’s Big Bet on Philosophy It’s an interview with Nicolas Berggruen in the “Weekend Confidential” column by Alexandra Wolfe. It’s on page C11 in the … Continue reading

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A word from Mrs. TSP

In the previous post (“Welcome to The Switchel Philosopher“) George used two words that should give you pause: switchel and adventure. Switchel is an acquired taste, one that I have never acquired, and as our three children can attest from their … Continue reading

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Welcome to The Switchel Philosopher

Switchel is a beverage dating back to Colonial times. It has been enjoyed by generations of farmers, especially on hot summer days in the hayfield. My mother made switchel for our family when I was growing up on the farm. … Continue reading

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