The question in the header

Philosophy is asking questions and thinking about the answers, so let’s start with a question. I am interested in government and citizenship.

What is a proper relationship between a free people and their government?

That is a very general question, and it is a rhetorical question for now. In subsequent posts I will seek reader input on more specific questions. For the present I mention this general question not because I am seeking input on it, but to give an idea of what I am interested in. This question will always be in the back of my mind as I write about more specific aspects of government and citizenship in subsequent posts. I placed this question in the blog header as a reminder.

I am interested primarily in state government at present. (I live in Vermont.) That seems like a manageable place to start. Certainly there are also interesting things going on currently with our national government, with the new administration of President Donald Trump. And there are always interesting things going on in the world. Since the late 1990s I have been the merit badge counselor for the local Boy Scout troop for the Citizenship in the World merit badge. So I won’t be writing exclusively about state government.

Stay tuned for more questions and thoughts about government and citizenship.

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