Quilt square by Anne Standish

Anne Standish of Cambridge has contributed a beautiful quilt square on behalf of the town to the Vermont League of Cities and Towns for their Local Government Quilt Project:

VLCT launched its Local Government Quilt Project in 2005 to celebrate the Town Fair 2005 theme of “Cities and Towns – Working Together, Making a Difference.” … To date, seventy-five Vermont municipalities have submitted handcrafted squares… The first 47 squares plus a VLCT square were bound into the first quilt, which former Governor Douglas unveiled at Town Fair 2005. A second quilt, introduced at Town Fair 2009, consists of another 12 squares; a third quilt is in progress.

As reported this week in the News and Citizen: “Anne…recently retired from a career in health care to focus on her second career as an art quilter.”

Anne’s website notes that “Anne’s inspiration comes from her surroundings – the landscapes she sees every day around her home in Cambridge, Vermont.”

The quilt square of Pleasant Valley and Mount Mansfield pleasingly captures the beauty of our town.

Thank you, Anne!

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