An example of good government

img_0764_editedNow that I am retired from a career in business, I am spending time learning about government, especially state government in Vermont.

The website for the Vermont Legislature has been an invaluable resource in my learning process:

This website is well organized, comprehensive, and up-to-date. Information about legislators, committees, bills and resolutions, laws, budgets and schedules is easy to use. Every day that the Legislature is in session, the House and Senate Journals for the day, and the agenda for the next day, are posted in the evening. It is easy to keep track of what is going on. Well, except that there is so much going on that no one person can keep detailed track of everything. But everything is there and easy to find.

The people of the State of Vermont should feel proud that their government is operating openly and efficiently in this respect. My compliments to everyone involved in designing and building this website and keeping it up to date.

This is an example of good government.

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