Cloverdale Book

Cloverdale was a distinct, close-knit community mostly in Westford, Vermont, but also including the Putnam Farm in the adjacent town of Cambridge. It lasted for more than 150 years, from 1804 until the 1950s and 1960s when my siblings and I were growing up on the Putnam Farm.

My father Harold Putnam and a cousin Jane Clark Brown wrote a history of Cloverdale in 2001 – Cloverdale: An Anecdotal History of A Rural Neighborhood.

The original document was an 11″x11″ color scrapbook. A smaller book, roughly 5″x7″, containing the same material, was printed in 2002 by Eagle’s Loft Design of Eden, Vermont. That book was in black and white. Several dozen copies of that book were printed and distributed locally.

The cover of the 11″x11″ scrapbook is shown above. Click here to read it in full (4 MB PDF, 33 pages). Thanks to Peter Opstrup of the Cambridge Historical Society for scanning a copy of the original scrapbook.

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1 Response to Cloverdale Book

  1. Mark Schilling says:

    Thank you for posting and scanning this. It is a great addendum to your recent presentation at the Cambridge Historical Society.


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