Learning about town government

This post introduces a series of posts on the subject of learning about town government, specifically in my town of Cambridge, Vermont. I have been on the town selectboard now for about 16 months. What have I learned? At the next annual town meeting on March 5, 2019, less than 8 months from now, the town selectboard will be expanded from 3 members to 5 members. What should new selectboard members learn?

As I write and publish posts in this series, I will add links below:

Disclaimer (which applies to everything on my blog and especially this series of posts): These posts are my own views, not the views of the selectboard, and they are not legal advice. I am not a lawyer. These posts are based on my own experiences, which like everyone’s experiences are limited, and they do not necessarily represent the full range of my experiences and views. They are simply what I choose to blog about. These posts do not represent everything that a selectboard member should know or learn. I hope that readers will find my posts informative and helpful, but no one should rely on my posts as a sole authoritative source of information. Readers should do their own independent research. If readers note any errors in my posts, I hope they will let me know.

The photo above is the Cambridge Town Hall. Posts in this series will feature this photo and they will have the tag “LATG” (learning about town government).

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