My Blogging History

“The Switchel Philosopher” is my most recent blog. I started it in February 2017, after retiring in December 2016. It is about adventures in the world of ideas, including government and citizenship.

“The Switchel Traveler” is an older blog and has had two previous names. I started that blog in 2007 as “George’s Home Blog” to distinguish it from my “work blog” which I also started in 2007. After retiring, the work/home distinction was not applicable any more, and I initially renamed it to “George’s Other Blog” to distinguish it from “The Switchel Philosopher.” In January 2018 I renamed it again – to “The Switchel Traveler” – to more clearly indicate how my two blogs complement each other.

My two blogs post-retirement have different themes:

  • The Switchel Philosopher – adventures in the world of ideas
  • The Switchel Traveler – adventures in the physical world, such as travel adventures

Prior to retirement, I blogged about both themes on both my “work blog” and my “home blog.” Examples of both themes on my “work blog” included Trip to China (travel) and Values (ideas). My “home blog” has always included travel adventures. Prior to retirement it also included adventures in the world of ideas, some of which are captured by the labels culture, money, reality and slow.

There are also some earlier blogging adventures in the world of ideas on “George’s VAFPDB Blog.” I published ten posts there in 2012-2013 before resigning from the Vermont Agricultural and Forest Products Development Board.