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Thinking About Libraries

Libraries are wonderful places. I enjoy spending time in libraries, and they are essential to a free people. Libraries contain our thoughts, our histories, our creative works of literature and often art as well, and our dreams. Libraries are changing … Continue reading

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Science vs. Philosophy

What is the difference between science and philosophy? My last two posts (here and here) touched on themes involving both science and philosophy. And that got me thinking about the relationship between science and philosophy. I don’t hold myself out … Continue reading

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Illusion of Explanatory Depth

Zac Mayo introduced me to the concept of the “illusion of explanatory depth” (IOED): Most people feel they understand the world with far greater detail, coherence, and depth than they really do. For example, how well do you feel you … Continue reading

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Thoughts about the Farm Credit System

One of the themes of this blog is that I sometimes think about public life in terms of three sectors: Government For-profit Not-for-profit I worked for the Farm Credit System for 32 years, retiring at the end of 2016. How … Continue reading

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Quantum Birthday Thought

The image to the left is a birthday card. Inside the card it says: Don’t worry… It will make more sense after you start drinking. I am reminded of something Richard Feynman said. Richard Feynman (1918-1988) won a Nobel prize … Continue reading

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Where do you get news?

The world of news is changing. No longer do the three TV networks of CBS, NBC and ABC dominate broadcast news. Print newspapers are¬†shrinking or going out of business. News websites and blogs are ubiquitous, but reliable unbiased news seems … Continue reading

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